Due to COVID-19 flight restrictions and the ongoing protests in multiple cities, your package might be delayed depending on your location.  Our logistic team is working around the clock to ensure your package arrived as soon as the current situation allowed.

How long of shipping depends on where you are from. To make it easy for you, we created the simple table to help you estimate:

To          Shipping time
USA      2-4 weeks
Canada, Australia, UK      2-6 weeks
Europe      3-6 weeks
Worldwide      3-7 weeks
Processing time : 1-5 days

When receiving goods, what will you do if you are not satisfied with them or they are not as the same as the picture on our website? The only thing you need to do is sending us a support email ([email protected]) stating your order number and please include a photo of the goods. We will contact you ASAP and solve your problems within a day.

NOTE: If you order different product styles, it might be possible that you will receive multiple packages. In addition, if one or two items of your bill can not be shipped, we will refund to you according to their price and give a discount code to you for ordering other items in the future.

NOTE: Because of Covid-19, the delivery process will take more time than usual.

Thank you for your interest in our website!